Why do so many publishing houses from Germany, Austria, Switzerland and Scandinavian countries have their publications printed with us?

Here is a list of 8 reasons for you to start cooperation with Overprintas:

  • Modern and productive new generation HEIDELBERG press machines;
  • Strictly checked quality of the production;
  • Printing and bookbinding in control of the same company;
  • Warehousing services;
  • Reasonable and attractive price and flexible payment terms;
  • 15 year of experience of work in Lithuania and overseas markets;
  • Door-to-door delivery;
  • All the issues will be handled by your personal consultant.

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Both softcover and hardcover books can be printed in low volumes, however we are able to offer especially attractive prices. The lowest volume for softcover book printing is 500 copies, whereas for hardcover books – from 300 copies.

Overprintas is the choice where book printing and binding are in control of the same company. We may offer various binding and folding methods, perfect binding brochures, sewn-glued brochures with flaps and hard cover books.

Our greatest achievement – clients who address us again and again since they are fully satisfied with the services and the quality we provide. We guarantee that we not only suggest on the best solution for printing but also assist in proper preparation of the material for print. Apply and trust us and let’s start our successful cooperation right away!

Softcover books

Softcover books have a flexible cover of paperboard. It may have print on either one side or both sides. In order to protect it from dirt, scratches and fingerprints we recommend to laminate it with matt, gloss, matt-scratch resistant or soft touch laminate. Softcover books are usually glued. At the request of a client or in case of larger grammage paper, we recommend to have inside pages sewn. Sewn-glued books are much more durable, they can be widely opened and pages do not fall out.

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Softcover books are usually printed on offset paper or on book paper. We may offer luxurious paper for softcover books such as paper from Arctic PaperPapyrusAntalisIgepa or thin 50g paper, but bulky book paper (2.5) from “StoraEnso“.

If your softcover book contains pictures or photographs we recommend to choose coated paper. The most reliable way of binding in such a case would be sewing-gluing or gluing with PUR glue. We can offer one-sided or both-sided paperboard for covers or special paperboard for covers with linen or leather imitation from Peyer.

Softcover books with flaps, also called French fold brochures, have become very popular. Cover flaps are perfect additional space for extra information, maps or promotion.

However, it does not make a difference what kind of books you want to have – whether they are softcover or hardcover books – they’ll all be printed with care and of highest quality materials.

Hardcover books

All hardcover books are sewn. This way of binding has old traditions and is the most reliable way of binding. Sewn books can be opened wide without a fear of pages falling out. Sewing is the best method of binding in order to give a book a lasting value.

The cover of hardcover books is made of thick paperboard, which is covered by paper, leather or its imitation, cloth or other bookbinding materials. The paper is laminated by matt or gloss laminate so that it remains in perfect condition longer. The cover may be decorated with gold or silver foiling, with embossing or partial spot UV varnishing. When printed, the sheets are sewn together to make a solid book block. Endpapers and gauze are glued from both sides, what makes the book block even more durable. Then the pages are trimmed, headbands and a ribbon marker – if requested – are glued. The book block is placed on a hard cover.

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The book may acquire additional value if it has a jacket. It provides a perfect space for providing additional information about the book, its author or promotion. The jacket may have matt or gloss laminate or may be decorated.

A ribbon marker is not only a decoration; it is a convenience for a reader. It may be in a variety of colours, skilfully matched to the cover of the book. Every book may be single shrink-wrapped. This way they will be protected from humidity or other factors in the process of transportation.

Pocket book printing

Pocket format books – small books, usually softcover ones, comfortable for holding in one’s hand. Books of such format are not supposed to be expensive. They are most often book series printed on thin, bulky book paper. We recommend 200g paperboard for a cover. The cover may be with spot UV varnishing, gold foiling or silver foiling, or with embossing.